Posted by Allan Gregory on 11/13/2019

Winning Compensation for Emotional Damage

Winning Compensation for Emotional Damage

When it comes to personal injury cases, many people overlook the emotional trauma that you can suffer from your accident. Insurance companies love to pretend that your emotions and mental health are irrelevant when it comes to receiving compensation for your damages. An insurance company will only acknowledge your physical damage.

However, this ideology could not be further from the truth. Your feelings and emotions matter just as much as your physical damages in a personal injury case. Your emotional well-being severely impacts your way of life. A Rockford personal injury lawyer can help you build your injury case. 

They'll assist you with gathering evidence of your emotional trauma and more while you're attempting to win compensation for your damages. 

What Is Emotional Damage?

If you're suffering from depression because of your injury, your experiencing emotional damage. Emotional damage forms in many a variety of ways but your happiness is always negatively impacted. For example, if you cannot play with your children because of your injury anymore, you're very likely to develop depression because of your situation. 

Your children are the most important aspects of your life, and someone's irresponsible actions took away your bonding time with them. You deserve compensation for this loss of your way of life. There are countless ways that your emotional damage can manifest, and you should always seek out counseling after your accident. 

Not only will therapy help you, but you'll have documentation of your mental trauma. 

Compensation for Emotional Damage

There is no default estimate for emotional compensation. You can never predict how much you're going to receive for your emotional damage. However, it is safe to assume that the more psychological trauma you've experienced, the higher your chances of receiving a large amount of compensation if you win your injury case.

For example, If you suffer from a spinal injury that causes you permanent injury, you have a higher chance of winning a larger payout. Not being able to use your body the same way ever again is a massive blow to your way of life. Having significant trauma such as a spinal injury is something

that you'll have to experience every day for the rest of your life. This can drain your enjoyment of life and change your outlook. 

Painting a Picture of Your Pain

You're the only person who understands how your emotional trauma has impacted you internally. Meaning that your goal when attempting to receiving compensation for your emotional damage should be to help the courtroom understand how you feel. 

You'll have to share personal details about your lifestyle to help the judge and jury understand how your injury has impacted your way of life. Your injury attorney will advise you on how to approach your case, but the general idea is to come across as vulnerable inside of the courtroom. 

The jury has to picture themselves in your position and imagine how hard their lives would be if they were in your situation. If you're able to achieve this, you'll increase your chances of winning compensation.