Posted by Michael Silverman on 07/01/2019

Types of Accidents in the Workplace That Cause Injury to the Neck and Back

Types of Accidents in the Workplace That Cause Injury to the Neck and Back

Some of the most debilitating injuries a person can suffer are to the neck and back. Far too often, these types of injuries occur in the workplace. They can cause an individual to remain bedridden for more than a week or even several months. As well, neck and back injuries can cause severe pain that prevents a person from carrying out normal daily activities. The injuries and pain can be so unbearable that the individual can no longer function at work. In the most serious cases, the victim’s spinal cord may be affected leading to potential paralysis below the site of the injury.

Victims of work injuries are often able to obtain workers’ compensation benefits to help them recover from some of their losses. Under Delaware law, injured workers can claim benefits that include medical benefits, disfigurement benefits, impairment benefits, and temporary partial or temporary total disability benefits.

Some common accidents that can lead to neck and head injuries on the job include:

Lifting heavy loads

Workers attempting to lift heavy loads often sustain back injuries as a result. The vulnerability for a back injury is particularly acute when the tasks required involve repetitive lifting over an extended period of time. The consequences can include damage to bodily tissues and other elements in the back which can pose significant issues for the person later in life.

Slip and falls

Slips and falls are a common occurrence across all walks of life. Often these incidents only result in bruises, bumps, and possibly some embarrassment if the falls occurs in a public setting. However, a slip and fall can also produce serious injury to the soft tissues in the back or neck resulting in a serious strain or sprain. In more severe cases, persons who slip and fall at work may break a bone, sustain a ruptured disk, or suffer damage to their spinal cord.

Car crashes

Neck and back injuries in a workplace setting can occur while operating a motor vehicle. A worker driving a vehicle as part of their work duties and involved in a crash can suffer injuries to the neck as a result of a sudden impact that snaps the neck back and forth violently – this is referred to as a whiplash injury. These injuries can lead to chronic pain and protracted medical complications.

Sitting in awkward or uncomfortable positions


Workers can also injure their necks and backs by sitting in an uncomfortable or awkward position for a prolonged period of time. In fact, medical professionals explain that without proper ergonomic cautions, sitting can impose significant strain to the lower back.

Another important point: Under Delaware law, even if you have suffered a work-related injury to your neck or back and the injury was your fault, you can still obtain workers’ compensation benefits.

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