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The Guide to Get a Suspended Driver’s License Back in Texas

A driver’s license in Texas could be suspended for administrative and criminal convictions, which includes driving under the influence, failure to pay a ticket, defaulting child support payment or too many traffic tickets and many more reasons. If you or a known person is accused of a criminal or administrative conviction, there’s a possibility of suspension of the driver’s license. In such a scenario, having a basic understanding of the law would help you in making the right legal decision. 

The blog post gives an overview of scenarios when a driver’s license can be suspended, and the ways to get it back. Keep reading.

Administrative License Revocation

The police have the authority to ask the individual behind the wheels to take a sobriety test. Refusal to take the test or a positive result means automatic suspension of driver’s license as Administrative License Revocation. The police officer will take the original license and give a 40-day driving permit to the driver. The suspension can last between 90 days and two years but can be contested if the accused requests for a hearing within 15 days of suspension. As the accused will be ineligible to contest a hearing after 15 days, it is essential to be quick on deciding if the ALR should be protested for DWI.

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Criminal Convictions Suspension

The Texas law permits the suspension of driver’s license of an accused convicted of criminal charges such as:

  • Leaving a serious accident scene
  • Non-payment of child support
  • Involvement in serious car accident and not having an insurance
  • Too many traffic tickets
  • Possession of drugs
  • Street racing
  • Stealing gas
  • Underage drinking
  • Use of fake ID
  • Use of fake license plates

Ways to Get the Driver’s License Back

If the driver’s license is suspended by DPS (Department of Public Safety), the accused will get an enforcement notification via mail. Consulting one of the reputable Austin criminal defense lawyers upon receiving the notification is often the quickest and reliable way to request for reinstatement of the driver’s license. Some of the ways to get the license back include:

Protest the Suspension

If the driver’s license is suspended for a failed sobriety test, one can challenge the suspension and request an administrative hearing. The request for the hearing should be raised within 15 days of getting suspension notice.

Apply for Occupational Driver’s License

A criminal law attorney can help the accused in getting an occupational driver’s license, which can be used in certain scenarios including:

  • For 12 hours or less every day
  • To go to school, work or run basic errands

The Texas law, however, does not permit issuing occupational driver’s license if medical or delinquent child support were reasons behind the suspension.

Final Words

A driver’s license is one of the most important legal documents for an individual, and its suspension could cause a lot of distress. If you or a known one is convicted of an administrative or criminal reason that leads to suspension of the vehicle, it is always better to get in touch with a criminal legal services provider. The attorney will identify the type of criminal law issue and help you in getting the license back with less hassle.

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