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Most Serious Injuries For Truck Drivers

Most Serious Injuries For Truck Drivers

Most people make the assumption that only automobile drivers are severely injured in truck accidents. However, the truth is that truck drivers can also suffer severe and permanent injuries. In fact, according to the National Safety Council, there were around 42,000 injuries and more than 1,000 fatalities reported among truck drivers involved in truck accidents in 2021. 

Here are seven of the most serious injuries that truck drivers experience:

1.     Amputations

When a truck driver is in an accident, their leg or arm may become pinned, severely injured, or even crushed. This can lead to needing the injured limb amputated to save their life. When this happens, individuals are not only in a lot of physical pain, but they are also typically traumatized and devastated. In addition, they will need to learn how to adapt and carry out their daily obligations without using the limb that they once had. This may include using a wheelchair or prosthetic, participating in occupational therapy, and going to counseling sessions. Depending on the injury, it is possible they may no longer be able to work as a truck driver again. 

2.     Back and spinal cord injuries

Truckers who are involved in accidents typically suffer back and spinal cord injuries. Most of the time, these injuries occur because of a direct blow to the back during an accident, which often causes the nerves, bones, and discs in the back to become injured or damaged. Regardless of how these injuries happen, they can lead to life-changing consequences. For example, the individual may need to eat a specific diet to stave off infections or other side effects, undergo daily therapy, or end up needing a breathing tube to survive.

3.     Traumatic brain injuries

If a truck driver is diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury, they most likely experienced a severe blow to the head during the accident. This is common due to the force and impact that these types of accidents can cause, which typically lead to the driver striking their head on an object within the truck. Traumatic brain injuries are very serious as they can lead to many complications, including death. A few of the different types of traumatic brain injuries that one may suffer are concussions, hemorrhages, contusions, and hematomas.

4.     Burn injuries

Semi-trucks are known for transporting toxic and dangerous chemicals from place to place. Therefore, when these trucks are in an accident, these toxic chemicals may spill out onto the truck and roadways. This can cause a fire or explosion. When this happens, the truck driver is likely to suffer severe burn injuries not only from the poisonous chemicals but also from the flames and explosion.

5.     Crushing injuries

When a truck driver is in an accident, the items that they are transporting or the truck itself could land on top of them. This may leave them trapped and crushed underneath. A few of the different types of crushing injuries that the driver may suffer are internal bleeding, internal organ damage, crushed bones, muscle damage, torn tissues, and more. These injuries are extremely painful and can take a long time from which to heal and recover.

6.     Whiplash

Whiplash is another common injury among truck drivers. It often happens due to the force or impact of the crash, which causes the trucker’s neck to move back and forth suddenly. This can lead to damaged tissues or broken bones within the neck.

7.     Severe lacerations

Many truck drivers suffer lacerations to certain parts of their bodies when involved in truck accidents. These are not usually described as small scrapes or cuts. Instead, they are deep lacerations that go through the nerves, muscles, and tendons, which can lead to needing stitches or even developing life-threatening infections.

Are truck drivers always at fault during a truck accident?

Many people assume that truck drivers are always at fault during a truck accident. This is because a semi-truck is much larger than an automobile and has the ability to do significant damage during an accident. However, it is not uncommon for truck accidents to occur because the driver of a passenger vehicle was not paying attention, was driving recklessly, or did not follow the laws. In addition, truck manufacturers are often to blame for truck accidents if a faulty or defective part is the culprit.

No matter what type of injuries you have, you can count on a truck accident lawyer to be there for you and guide you through the difficult legal process. From thoroughly investigating the cause of your accident to aggressively fighting for the compensation you are owed, your truck accident attorney will do everything possible to stand up for your rights and make sure your story is told. If you are a truck driver who suffers injuries from an accident, it is highly recommended that you request a free case assessment with a truck accident lawyer today.

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