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Lawyers and Artificial Intelligence - How Will Your Future Look Like

Lawyers and Artificial Intelligence - How Will Your Future Look Like

I often wonder where we're heading as a species, the quick and exponential advancement of technology, can turn one’s head spiraling out of control. The effects of instantaneous communication are positive for the most part, but what about the next ten years?

The days of pagers and dial phones are buried deep in our 80’s memory cells and many teens are questioning the need for this contraption called a “Fax”.  I recently watched the movie “Thirteen Days”, about the true events that took place during the Cuban missile crisis. Throughout the movie, I wanted to shout out at the screen, “Send a text, email or a damn tweet!”  The whole stand-off could have been avoided had there been clear and direct methods of communication between leaders.

Ten years from now, our grandchildren will probably ask us what a laptop is or perhaps will no longer need to get a drivers license. Self-driving cars or autonomous cars, are only a matter of a few months away and when it becomes a thing of everyday life, will we no longer need a drivers license? It is inevitable; many of today's marvels will become old relics that only the old and wrinkled will have a memory of.

You might ask yourself, how this will affect the future of legal proceedings, accidents, personal injury cases and so on. The more we integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI), the more cars will be safer and quicker to travel in. The best route is only part of the whole picture. Think of Los Angeles City traffic being coordinated using a super-brain AI computer which constantly updates every individual, with the best times to commute to work and, what time to be ready outside for their pickup. Stop at the market on the way back home? Not a problem, simply voice your wish and the whole trip will adjust perfectly to accommodate you and the rest of the affected commuters. Should this be your own private car? You will not need to park, it will self valet-until you are ready to pullout with your groceries.

As more human errors are eliminated from driving, accidents will be dramatically reduced. Such efficiency will have a direct effect on the entire legal, insurance and health system.

We will not eliminated accidents completely, there will still be challenges to face, but, the due process will be quicker and almost immediate. Cameras are a great tool to distinguish what went wrong and who or what is at fault.  Hiring the lawyer of your choice after your incident was transmitted to every available Lawyer in Los Angeles, is done by voice command and or a simple click of a button. From that point on it is a even more simple.... The result of the case is digitally transmitted and any payment owed to you is being deposited automatically to your bank account.

Less accidents = less injuries/fatalities = less lawsuits = less auto body-shops = less junkyards = less traffic tickets and yes you guessed right, less Lawyers.

Imagine a law firm's staff meeting coming to the conclusion that taking on car accident cases is no longer a profitable goal for the company and they will have to cut off that specialty from their main business model? What a day!

Are we truly coming upon a technological paradigm that will shift our lives entirely and make our lives more ...... peaceful?

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