Posted by Allan Gregory on 11/27/2019

Common Types of Nursing Home Abuse

Common Types of Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing homes are meant to protect and care for senior citizens in their time of need. The senior citizen demographic features individuals who continue to support society in their later years. No amount of words can describe how much love and respect our senior citizens deserve. 

Throughout their lives, they have always been watching over us and helping to create timeless memories we will cherish throughout our lifetime. When you place your elders inside of a nursing home, you expect them to receive the best care and protection possible. Not only should your elders receive hot meals and a warm bed, but they deserve to truly enjoy their later years. 

However, this isn't always the case for many senior citizens. Nursing home abuse comes in many forms. Speaking with a Savannah personal injury attorney can help you obtain justice for your elderly loved ones when they’ve been subjected to this. Below are just a few examples of nursing home abuse. 

Not Being Properly Fed

Elders require a particularly nutritious diet to maintain their health. Not receiving their meals puts elders at risk of suffering from malnutrition and other complications. 

For example, weight loss is another consequence of not properly feeding the residents of nursing homes. Senior citizens need all the energy they can get to retain their way of life. Suddenly losing weight is dangerous and leads to health issues.

Even at a younger age, not eating enough has a serious negative impact on your health. Imagine how much worse this impacts the health of senior citizens who have fragile bodies that require delicate care and attention. 

Nursing homes are responsible for ensuring that senior citizens are receiving their meals. While it seems horrifying that anyone would willingly starve a senior citizen, this disturbing scenario is a reality for many seniors. 

Not Being Bathed 

Many senior citizens are unable to bathe themselves because of their health conditions. For this reason, many elders rely on nursing homes for their hygienic needs. However, when the employees of nursing homes ignore the hygienic needs of senior citizens, many health issues can arise from this abusive behavior.

Besides the obvious health issues that arise from ignoring the hygienic needs of senior citizens, the sheer act of allowing elders to sit in filth is disgusting and humiliating. The men and women who were always there for us in our youth don't deserve to have their basic needs ignored. Senior citizens deserve the best care possible, and many nursing homes let them down in their time of need. 

Being Physically or Verbally Abused

Senior citizens are generally fragile and require gentle care to remain as healthy as possible. However, there are disturbed individuals who take advantage of senior citizens and abuse them for their own twisted pleasure. From physical beatings to sexual assaults, countless senior citizens suffer from the abusive hands of evil nursing home staff members. 

Tragically, many senior citizens are unable to express their pain and suffering because of a variety of medical reasons. These poor elders suffer in silence while their "home" continues to ignore their agony. It is the nursing home's responsibility to properly screen the people they hire and ensure that their residents are safe inside their walls. 

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