Posted by Michael Nimmo on 02/22/2021

Can a Denver Personal Injury Attorney Help Me Get More Settlement Money?

Can a Denver Personal Injury Attorney Help Me Get More Settlement Money?

While handling your own personal injury claim might seem like the easiest option, it isn't always the best one. Insurance companies rely on your inexperience with the claims process. They look for any opportunity to deny liability or offer you less than your claim is worth in hopes you might accept it or walk away. No matter how friendly they act toward you, they are not on your side. Their loyalty is to their insured—the party who caused your injuries.

When you retain a lawyer, you are working with someone familiar with all the tricks and games insurance companies play. Additionally, a group of Denver personal injury attorneys believes having skilled representation on your side can make a difference in the amount of compensation you receive.  

What the Statistics Show

The Insurance Research Council (IRC) reports that those who retain attorneys get more money on average in a bodily injury liability claim than those who are not represented. In fact, people who are represented by a personal injury lawyer get three-and-a-half times more money on average when compared to someone who pursues a claim on their own.

Insurance companies are for-profit companies. They won't pay out money on an injury claim unless they absolutely have to. When an insurance company is forced to deal with a personal injury attorney, they are usually more willing to engage in meaningful negotiation talks. They are looking to avoid any behavior that could put them at risk for a bad faith insurance claim.

How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

During the claims process, your attorney will gather all the necessary evidence and documents, including interviewing witnesses. Your attorney knows the real value of your case. They will protect your rights and ensure the insurance company takes the claim more seriously.  Your attorney will handle all communication with the insurance company, which helps you avoid falling victim to their traps. 

Your attorney can also help you prove damages that are more subjective, such as pain and suffering and lost enjoyment of life. They can help you find experts who can testify on your behalf. Being able to prove these types of damages can significantly  increase your claim's value. 

Attorneys negotiate for a living, so they aren't afraid to stand up to the insurance company. If the insurance company refuses to accept any liability or continues to value your claim ridiculously low, your attorney can file a lawsuit.

Will My Case Be Resolved Faster?

The timeline for settling your claim will depend on the circumstances of your loss. Factors like the severity of your injuries and the amount of treatment you need can alter the time it takes to resolve your case. In some cases, retaining an attorney can help you settle your claim quicker. Your attorney knows all the necessary steps to order records and other documents needed to prove your damages. What an attorney can get in a couple of days could take you weeks or months to receive.

Will I Have to Go to Trial?

Most personal injury cases settle without going to trial. Claims that are more likely to go to trial involve disputed liability or a significant difference in case value. Even if you have to file a lawsuit and start the litigation process, it’s likely your case will settle before trial. If you do need to go to trial, it will be important to have an experienced trial lawyer on your side..

How Do I Know If I Have a Case?

Every personal injury case is unique. There is no set timeline on when cases will resolve, nor is there an average settlement range. To learn more about what your individual case is worth, meet with a personal injury lawyer. Since most personal injury firms work on a contingency fee and offer free initial consultations, you have nothing to lose by meeting with an attorney to learn how they can help.

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